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People ask: What makes LEAP different from other nutritional supplements? Simply put, it delivers the equivalent of about half the adult daily requirement of protein in the form of pure amino acids. Amino acids are easily absorbed by the body, without the energy needed for the digestive process and are not polluted with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or other contaminants that are co-consumed with most proteins. Proteins are made of amino acids, which are known to be the building blocks of life! The trick to effective amino acid supplementation is having an optimal ratio of ALL the 9 essential amino acids and select non-essentials that are calculated based on our metabolic needs. 

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Sustainable Nutrition

At Evolutionary Leap Technologies Corp, we care about the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

Unfortunately, our current demand for conventional protein nutrition is unsustainable for our growing global population. Protein production has a huge carbon footprint, meaning that a tremendous amount of energy is used to produce, transport and prepare the protein humans need to live and thrive.

LEAP nutrition is a solution to reducing the growing need for the most critical human food nutrient, namely protein. By delivering the essence of protein contained in LEAP, people can live healthier, longer lives while reducing the environmental impact of the proteins produced for our consumption.

Strength and Endurance

LEAP is optimized for those who wish to improve strength, energy and endurance, without the use of stimulants. The amino acid composition of the formula provides the ideal balance of nutrients to build muscle, and collagen tissues, provide energy and increase performance in a natural way.

Other ingredients in LEAP target repair and recovery of tendons, ligaments and cartilage as well as supporting the DNA repair required after strenuous events and training.

These product characteristics are of great value to athletes, but are of tremendous benefit to those suffering from the effects of the aging process or who are experiencing failing health.

Wellness in Aging

LEAP provides advanced nutrition for people 18 and up. This is acomplished by delivering the basic building blocks that a body needs to build, maintain and repair, on a molecular level.

Muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, hormones and most other products of our metabolism require the building blocks that are contained in LEAP. Without these substances, they degrade during aging process and lead to degenerative conditions.

LEAP also contains ingredients aimed to restoring the epigenetic coding that is lost during the aging process. They can help to optimize genetic functions, boost mental cognition and restore vitality without the use of dangerous stimulants.



Weight Management

At Evolutionary Leap Technologies Corp, we offer next generation nutritional supplement formulas, based on the latest science, using safe and proven ingredients.

Whether you are looking for a way to achieve a healthy and sustainable weight or wish to re-sculpt away unwanted fat deposits that normally require surgery to remove, LEAP could be your solution.

Weight loss is difficult to maintain in many cases, and LEAP provides a natural approach to reaching and maintaining your goals.

LEAP is not a quick fix! But if you are looking for a safe and sustainable solution, LEAP may help you to achieve your desired goal.


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Science of LEAP

LEAP is the product of decades of experience in the fields of nutrition and genetics. It incorporates ingredients that have been proven to be critical to overall health and wellbeing on a molecular level, namely that they contain the basic building blocks for all that makes the physical body and its metabolites and that have a beneficial effect on genetic function by way of epigenetics.

It is epigenetics that finally explains how certain nutrients work in the human body and why they are so important to our longevity and wellbeing.

LEAP delivers the ingredients for the body to function at peak performance while providing repair and protection of joints, ligaments, blood vessels and skin tissues.


Green Apple, Weight Loss in Parkland, FL

Social Responsibility

10% of proceeds from the sale of LEAP go towards providing LEAP to people in need.

Natural catastrophes and other disruptions to the food supply make it difficult to provide enough proper nutrition to the people left in need.

A standard 32 oz container of LEAP provides over 50% of the equivalent protein required by an average adult in a month. This means that two small containers could satisfy the amino acid (protein equivalent) requirement of one adult for a full month.

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About Us

Reach your fitness and/or wellness goals with LEAP supplements available from Evolutionary Leap Technologies Corp in Parkland, Florida. More than 40 years of experience in nutrition combined with over 15 years know how in genetics, have resulted in next generation nutritional products that holistically nourish the entire body on a molecular level. LEAP nutritional supplements from our Parkland, FL based company are perfect those looking to improve their diet, need assistance losing weight naturally, or increase strength and improve energy metabolism, without the use of stimulants.

LEAP is not intended to be a multivitamin or a meal replacement. It is a holistic approach to providing the body with raw nutrients it needs to be in optimal condition. With regular consumption, this approach to supplementation helps the body with re-sculpting, weight management, improving physical and mental strength, endurance, and energy.

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